Regular Service: On your scheduled service day, please set trash at the curb or your designated collection point by 7:00 A.M. We will be happy to provide front door pick up for the elderly or residents with disabilities. If your trash was set out at the curb by 7:00 a.m., and is not picked up on your scheduled service day, please call our office by the next business day. No limit on bags, as long as it is your regular household trash.  Trash can size should be no larger than 40 gallons.  Trash cans or plastic bags should not exceed 50 lbs. Please be sure there are no obstructing vehicles, lawn equipment, weeds, or other items in the path of the trash to be picked up. We are not responsible for trash cans. We are not responsible for driveways. On the day of collection, set trash, carts or container at least five feet from structures.  We are not responsible for your property within 5 ft of your trash,cart or container. We are not responsible for trash torn up by animals, and will not collect trash if there is a menacing or threatening animal. If you will be gone for 1 month or more, please contact our office, in advance, so that we can notify our drivers and credit your account accordingly.

Additional Trash: Bulk items, remodel material, computer monitors, TV’s, and extra trash will be picked up on your regular service day if prior arrangements have been made with our office. Please call our office at least one day in advance to schedule pickup.The cost for this service varies according to volume and item.

Special Pickup:  Please call our office to arrange special pick up of appliances, tires, and yard waste. The cost of this service varies according to volume and item.
Material We CANNOT Accept:  Due to landfill regulations and health and safety concerns, we cannot pick up the following items: 55 gallon barrels, paint (in liquid form), florescent bulbs, ashes, burn barrels, motor oil, hazardous waste, automobile batteries, explosives, fireworks, dead animals, or parts of dead animals. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding certain materials.
Inclement Weather:  To protect the safety of the public and our workers, in bad weather, collection may be postponed until it can be safely resumed. We will make every effort to resume normal collection as soon as the weather permits. Please remember that cans, carts, and containers stuck in the snow or ice are hard to move and can injure the workers that are trying to empty them. In advance, Thank You for your cooperation when weather causes delays or cancellations.



How do I dispose of cat litter?  Bag it and Tie it to prevent odor and bacterial leakage.  We will not pick up uncontained cat litter.

How do I dispose of Sharps?  Place sharps in a rigid, leak-proof, puncture-resistant container with a tight fitting lid. (for example: bottles for laundry detergent, bleach, soda two-liters, and coffee cans) DO secure the lid of the container with heavy duty tape.  DO label the container with the word "SHARPS".  DO place the container in the trash.

Do you pick up yard waste?  Give us a call to find out what yard waste collection options are in your area.

Is recycling included with my trash service?  Give us a call to find out what recycling services are available in your area.



Give us a Call:  660-736-4949 or 800-638-8492 (Answering machine available after hours)

Email us: customerservice